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High Impact Leadership Seminar-2

Move into the Agility Zone.

Learn to thrive, rather than survive, in rapidly changing conditions.

HILS-2: An Essential Part 2 in your Leadership Journey

Leaders continually face disruptive change. Flexibility and agility are required to do so successfully. HILS-2 participants learn to thrive, rather than just survive, in rapidly changing conditions. This experiential program explores and expands the key capabilities of leadership agility through an “agility workout” that involves a variety of interactive exercises.

Based on the premise that an agile leader has the heart, mind and guts to personally drive organizational change, participants go through exercises and are provided tools to drive personal change and move beyond caution and fear to drive innovation.

Participants will leave the program with an action plan to improve their well-being, clear out old patterns, and execute performance-based agile leadership.

Real People. Real Impact.

Former Director at Sprint, Shushan Aleaqui.

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“Next generation leaders must be able to handle any curve ball thrown their way. Leading through this new business environment requires the capability to sense and respond to changes in the business environment with actions that are focused, fast and flexible. The best way to put it: next generation leaders have to be agile.”



Your Results

  • Move beyond your comfort zone and start problem-solving in creative ways; be willing to take risks
  • Break down barriers and ignite innovation
  • Identify peak potential and limiting beliefs
  • Release inner roadblocks and paradigms that hinder effective leadership behaviors
  • Clear out old patterns, and execute performance-based agile leadership
  • Become acutely aware of how stress and unreleased negative emotions are impacting your thought patterns, health, energy and leadership effectiveness
  • Build personal courage that leads to transformational shifts in thoughts and action
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Program Details

  • Pre-requisite: HILS-1
  • Class Size: Limited to 14 participants.
    • CEOs, senior executives, middle and upper management.
  • Length: 5 days, Monday through Friday.
    • (Includes some evening work.)
  • locations:
  • Tuition: $7,500.
    • Discounts available for corporate commitments of ten or more attendees per year.
    • Tuition includes lodging and meals.
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Real People. Real Impact.

Shushan Aleaqui – Former Director at Sprint, attests to the transformative leadership journey. Her experiences through HILS lead her to reexamine the driving factors behind her professional behavior.



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Experienced, Real-world Facilitators

Our program leaders and facilitators have extensive business leadership experience as well as decades of mindfulness-based leadership development training. They have worked for and with Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as family-owned enterprises. Meet our facilitators here!


What Our Participants Are Saying

“I have run so hard and fast for so many years. When I went to HILS-2 I was able to stop and decompress. I got a lot more tools.

Vice President, Fortune 50 Finance

“As leader I am now more sympathetic with other people. Now I understand why others act the way they do or why performance isn’t up to par. I am more compassionate.”

Vice President, Non-profit Organization

“This is the most important workshop I have done; I connected with a different dimension of my own life and others too.”

Director, MetLife Chile


HILS-2 is the second step in a 3-part leadership journey.

Train like a leader.

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