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Jon Patton

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Jon combines more than a decade of experience with Stop At Nothing proven and proprietary methodologies and its unique approach to facilitator development, together with 3 decades at American Express leading large and complex organizations that allow him to apply a real life approach.

Being Successful

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By Jon Patton - July 9, 2019 Sometimes we simply assume that we know what it means to be successful. Jackie Serviss thought she was a success. She applied [...]

A Self-Transformation Story

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By Jon Patton - June 5, 2018 - Leer artículo en Español How uncovering the root cause of unwanted behaviors can lead to personal and professional happiness. Larry Perdue was [...]

Resolutions, Discomfort and Change

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After a hectic few weeks back at work, the New Year’s celebrations may seem like a distant memory. For many people, their resolutions have already been shelved for future consideration. [...]