Barry Robertson

Barry Robertson

About Barry Robertson

Barry currently serves the firm as a Managing Partner and Consultant. He works with clients around the globe, facilitating leadership seminars and consulting one-on-one. He enjoys the advanced work that leads to greater and greater levels of self-awareness for his clients, and higher performance for their organizations.

Working with a Jerk

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Leer artículo en Español Working with a Jerk “Over the next six months, your assignment is to create a powerful synergistic relationship with the biggest jerk in your company”. As [...]

Trabajando con una Persona Tóxica

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Trabajando con una Persona Tóxica “Durante los próximos seis meses, tu trabajo será crear una relación poderosa y sinérgica con la persona más tóxica de tu compañía”.  A medida que [...]

Investing In Your People

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Sometimes it’s hard to know when to invest in your people and teams, and when not to. While most leaders know that organizational success depends on the productivity of people, [...]

The Importance of Purpose

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Many of you that have been through a Stop At Nothing program or session will remember discussions about the importance of having a personal sense of purpose in life.  Purpose, [...]