By Susan Robertson – September 24, 2019

Meet The 4-Step D.A.R.E Agile Methodology™

There are four specific actions leaders can take to build an innovative, flexible and agile culture.

Created by Susan Robertson, this methodology empowers leaders to create an environment that supports an innovative, flexible and agile culture.

1. Defining

Many leaders and companies do not have a specific definition of what it means to have an agile culture. Without a definition, there is no vision or direction. In fact, a lack of definition leads to confusion between process improvement, innovation, flexibility and agility. Leaders need to delineate between systemic agility issues and people agility issues.

2. Assessing

Once leaders understand the definition of agility, they can compare where the company stands today with the definition of an ideal agile company and start on the path to agility.

3. Revitalizing

Creating an agile culture means revitalizing the organization by fostering an environment that anticipates change and nurtures adaptability. Leaders use the baseline assessment to partner with team members and co-create a new plan. The result is revitalized people and processes for improved innovation, flexibility and agility.

4. Executing

Taking action and executing the new plan effectively are key factors in creating an agile culture.

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