By Susan Robertson – October 3, 2019

Did you know that agility is today’s number one competitive cultural advantage?

Without agility – accompanied by the flexibility and innovation that go along with it – companies are at risk for decreased efficiency and lower levels of performance.

What exactly is Cultural Agility?

Cultural agility is an organization’s ability to respond quickly and rapidly to changing market conditions, while still adhering to corporate values and focusing on long-term goals. If organizations aren’t agile and flexible, they fall behind – while the rest of the business world is moving ahead. A recent report from the Business Agility Institute shows 84% of companies were able to act faster and secure new business opportunities by creating a more agile culture. In the process, they reduced costs, increased employee productivity, retained high-potential employees and achieved a decidedly increased competitive advantage.

How do you create an agile culture?

The business counselors at  Linceis Conscious Business (formerly known as Conscious Business Insights) and Stop At Nothing have learned that there are four specific actions leaders can take to build an innovative, flexible and agile culture. These insights were gained based on 30 years of research, direct client experience and strategic culture consulting.

Meet The 4-Step D.A.R.E Agile Methodology™

This methodology created by Susan Robertson empowers leaders to create an environment that supports an innovative, flexible and agile culture. Watch this 3-minute video to learn why agility is essential for success and how using this simple 4-step process can get your organization on the right path!

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