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REAL™ Cultural Survey

Make the connection: An engaged team is a successful team.

Engagement is the investment of energy, time and passion an employee is willing to give to an organization. And it should be your #1 priority.

Our REAL™ Culture and Engagement Survey can be combined with our REAL Leadership Assessment, linking leadership behaviors to cultural and engagement factors. High-performing cultures and highly-engaged employees are created through:

  1. Leadership
  2. Mood or Spirit of the Organization
  3. Enablement or Engagement
  4. Passion of the People
  5. Relationships
REAL Cultural Survey
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A Leadership Effectiveness Formula that Drives Results

REAL™ Cultural Survey

The Pulse Feature

The REAL™ Culture and Engagement survey provides the opportunity for executives to get a pulse on whether employees:

  • Have a sense of belonging or community
  • Feel inspired because of the vision and purpose of the company
  • Are challenged to high levels of performance
  • Feel valued and that their opinions matter and make a difference
  • Have a strong relationship, believe in, and trust leadership

These five factors of culture and engagement are what make a difference in organizational performance. When linked to leadership behaviors, they provide a powerful perspective on how to transform the organization.


Create high performance with aligned teams.

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REAL™ Cultural Survey

Results At Your Fingertips

A powerful perspective on how to transform the organization from 360 view of engagement and leadership combined.

Our intuitive easy to use mobile app delivers cultural team and individual leadership engagement reports right into the palm of everyone’s hand.

Empower and enlighten your executive team

Engage your team to win.

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REAL™ Cultural Survey

Coaching Connection

Once leaders and teams receive their results, they dive deeper to work on solutions with our executive coaches.

Leaders who conduct REAL™ Leadership Assessment and REAL™ Cultural Survey are coached on specific behaviors that will improve engagement linked to business performance. This differs significantly from the traditional 360° assessment approach where leaders are coached on their bottom leadership scores without direct linkage to cultural and engagement impact.

REAL Culture and Engagement Survey developed in partnership with People Productive

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