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REAL™ Leadership Assessment

Gain a fresh perspective and bottom-line results.


Get REAL™. Leadership, Engagement and Cultural Metrics.

Unlike any other leadership tool currently available, the REAL™ Leadership Assessment links leadership behavior, engagement factors, and cultural indicators to improve bottom-line results.

This unique and valuable assessment combines cultural engagement metrics with a leadership 360° report. It measures the most impactful leadership skills and capabilities that drive healthy cultures and high-performing teams: Resiliency, Engagement, Agility, and Leading with Wisdom.

When executives receive their report, they are able to directly link their leadership behaviors and impact on the cultural environment and how well employees are engaged. Additionally, executives are able to identify specific points of intervention that are required to drive improved performance.

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REAL™ Leadership Assessment

The REAL™ Model

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REAL™ Leadership Assessment™

The Pulse Feature

Additionally, once executives create their action plans, the REAL™ Leadership Assessment can be customized to create quick, short, pulse surveys to monitor engagement and impact.

  • These pulse surveys are tailored to the action plans; they can be triggered weekly, monthly, quarterly or as frequently as desired.
  • Our approach helps executives obtain real-time leadership, cultural, and engagement metrics allowing leaders to make quicker adjustments to their leadership behaviors directly linked to business performance.
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REAL™ Leadership Assessment

Coaching Connection

Once leaders receive their results, they dive deeper to work on solutions with our executive coaches.

Leaders who conduct REAL™ Leadership Assessment are coached on specific behaviors that will improve engagement linked to business performance. This differs significantly from the traditional 360° assessment approach where leaders are coached on their bottom leadership scores without direct linkage to cultural and engagement impact.

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