We have compiled this page for anyone, whether or not you have attended one of our programs, who may wish to read about relevant topics, or need to know how we are dealing with the Coronavirus at Stop At Nothing.

Please also know that you can contact your Stop At Nothing consultant. We are always happy to talk to you and advise about personal or organizational challenges. If you don’t know who your consultant is, please contact our office via email or phone at 904-249-4410.

A Few Thoughts During This Time of Uncertainty and Change

Jon Patton offers a reflection on behalf of Stop At Nothing in these times of uncertainty and change as we struggle to deal with Coronavirus.

CV FAQ blog image

Stop At Nothing’s Coronavirus FAQ and More

We have put together SAN’s Coronavirus FAQ with a list of our most frequently asked questions related to our services and the Coronavirus.

3 Steps blog

A 3-Step Plan to Thrive as a Leader in Your New Normal

Learn to not only survive, but also thrive as a leader, despite the workplace challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Women Leaders

An Inside Look into the Successes of Three Successful Women

How three women leaders deal with the successes and challenges they encounter, including the COVID-19 crisis.

Mindfulness blog image

The Secret Practice

Jon Patton offers a practical solution for achieving mindfulness and success with more peace of mind, less stress and improved self-understanding.

4 Stages of Organizational Change blog image

The Four Stages of Organizational Change

Be sure you are ready to address the obstacles to change and avoid problems with productivity and morale to achieve business results.

Avoid Negative Thinking blog image

Avoid Negative Thinking

Learn about the forces and perils of negative thinking in today’s rapidly changing world in this review of Ted Powell’s TEDxJacksonville talk.

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