Who We Are

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Stop At Nothing facilitates powerful, positive change that enables our clients to achieve long lasting business results.

Our mission is to ignite the potential of leaders, teams and organizations so that they can innovate, inspire and thrive in a rapidly changing and competitive world.

Stop At Nothing works with clients around the world to transform corporate culture, increase leadership and management effectiveness, improve team performance, expedite change, and increase self-awareness at all levels of the organization.  

These five tenets form the foundation of our business, and our work with clients: 

  • Strong organizations tap into the full potential of each individual, and each team.  
  • Change in one person, or a small team - can make a positive difference with a "ripple effect" to many others.    
  • Personal accountability is the cornerstone to individual and organizational integrity and effectiveness.
  • Learning how to set and achieve appropriate goals is essential for organizational, team, and individual success.
  • The human element is the centerpiece of all other systems, processes, and technologies within businesses and organizations.


We can all learn new management skills, but sustainability starts with self-awareness—what is behind your own behaviors and how you can use that understanding to connect with people and get them to achieve new heights.

Mike Kennedy