Cultural Effectiveness Process

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Stop At Nothing assesses the cultural and business dynamics and organizational strengths and weaknesses of your organization through a process we call a Climate Effectiveness Study (CES).

We give your leadership team direct feedback that enables them to understand and address opportunities for leadership and organizational improvement through:

  • Strong leadership and direction
  • Developing new cultural norms
  • Minimizing non-useful behaviors among leaders
  • Helping employees take higher levels of personal responsibility
  • Addressing resistance to change
  • Creating collaboration between departments and leaders

Our methodology:

  • Works with leadership at all levels
  • Gets greater buy-in
  • Achieves faster implementation
  • Helps you measure behaviors and results

Continuing results are experienced as a larger percentage of the organization embraces the change. During this time, Stop At Nothing can help the organization create a customized cultural change process designed to create lasting leadership and organizational change at all levels. We provide team development and organizational consulting to ensure bottom-line results.

For more information about this or any of our other programs and services, please contact us.

We can all learn new management skills, but sustainability starts with self-awareness—what is behind your own behaviors and how you can use that understanding to connect with people and get them to achieve new heights.

Mike Kennedy