Cultural Effectiveness Process

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Stop At Nothing assesses the cultural and business dynamics and organizational strengths and weaknesses of your organization through a process we call a Climate Effectiveness Study (CES).

We give your leadership team direct feedback that enables them to understand and address opportunities for leadership and organizational improvement through:

  • Strong leadership and direction
  • Developing new cultural norms
  • Minimizing non-useful behaviors among leaders
  • Helping employees take higher levels of personal responsibility
  • Addressing resistance to change
  • Creating collaboration between departments and leaders

Our methodology:

  • Works with leadership at all levels
  • Gets greater buy-in
  • Achieves faster implementation
  • Helps you measure behaviors and results

Continuing results are experienced as a larger percentage of the organization embraces the change. During this time, Stop At Nothing can help the organization create a customized cultural change process designed to create lasting leadership and organizational change at all levels. We provide team development and organizational consulting to ensure bottom-line results.

For more information about this or any of our other programs and services, please contact us.

The Leadership Continuum (TLC) helped me to define my true purpose and path in life. It cemented what is important to me and put perspective into my whole life. I learned that true leadership only really comes from within. TLC helped me find this strength and unleash it!

Mandy Flint

CEO and Founder
Excellence in Leadership