Trust & Relationship Selling

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Trust and Relationship Selling (TRS) helps salespeople and client service professionals dramatically increase sales production and customer satisfaction.

Participants reach a deep understanding of the psychological processes involved in buying and selling, and hone their skills in trust-building and identifying customer needs.

Stop At Nothing will customize the Trust & Relationship Selling Seminar to your company’s industry and needs. The seminar lasts two to three days, depending on the number of hands-on practice sessions included. We can deliver the seminar onsite or off, anywhere in the world.

The Trust & Relationship Selling program measurably increases:

  • Rapport with clients
  • Closing ratios
  • Cold-calling success
  • Customer retention
  • Cross selling
  • Self-confidence

Trust & Relationship Selling participants learn about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and how to use it when selling. They sharpen their reflective listening skills and use those skills to assess the buyer’s true needs and overcome resistance. They learn when to close the sale and when their time would be better spent elsewhere.

Most organizations have increased sales performance 20 to 80 percent following this program, which helps sales professionals:

  • Know their business
  • Become solution-oriented
  • Establish consistent, long-term relationships
  • Adapt to customer styles—even with difficult customers
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Overcome fears of rejection and call avoidance

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The High Impact Leadership Series has given me unshakeable confidence; knowing that if I stay true to my mission and purpose, I can lead our organization to overcome whatever challenge there is in our path.

Ryan Chandler

VP Business Development
Colonial Group, Inc.