The Leadership Continuum (TLC)

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This course balances group sessions, one-to-one work, and customized personal exercises. TLC is designed for graduates of HILS-2 who are prepared for a powerful renewal of prior leadership growth commitments.

Topics addressed include:

  • Turning difficult and stressful situations into opportunities
  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • Overcoming internal barriers and non-useful behaviors
  • Sustaining personal motivation for productivity and performance
  • Integrating growth into daily practice
  • Enhancing creativity and flexibility
  • Gaining courage to take smart risks

Seminar details:

  • Prerequisite: HILS-2
  • Class size: 14 participants
  • Length: 6 days - Sunday through Friday
  • Location:
  • ​Tuition:  $7,500 including lodging and meals

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Zoran Novakovic

Vice President and General Manager
Subsidiary of Fortune 100 Financial Services Company