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The REAL Leadership Assessment™ is a tool designed to help leaders go beyond the ordinary 360, and learn how leadership behaviors link to organizational results, and what leaders can do to change behaviors for maximum results and impact.

Organizational effectiveness and bottom line results are driven by an organization’s ability to align, transform and operate efficiently. How well leaders and leadership teams align and execute against the defined strategic goals determines the bottom line impact.

Driving Organizational Results

The relationship employees have with their supervisors, managers, and leadership strongly influences how well employees engage and perform within organizations. This is beyond employee satisfaction. Leaders help drive engagement, set the direction and align people  and work-streams to drive results.

Employee engagement is key to workforce  productivity. The more engaged employees are, the stronger the bottom line impact. Engaged employees are:

  1. Inspired and excited about what they do, so they give their best effort.
  2. Challenged and valued with an opportunity for growth.
  3. Empowered to make a difference, and trust the purpose and direction of the company.
  4. Connected to a larger sense of purpose and meaning, with a strong sense of belonging and community.

Measure What Matters: Impact & Outcome

Our awareness-based REAL Leadership model focuses on building the core leadership capabilities to:

  1. Build resilience to manage organizational and cultural change
  2. Improve employee engagement and empowerment
  3. Create an innovative and agile organization
  4. Develop leadership wisdom and insight

Using REAL, we establish a leadership benchmark. Each leadership question and statement is linked  to an engagement driver. Our REAL Leadership model has four main categories of leadership  effectiveness, 18 subcategories,  and 88 distinct measures. Focusing and improving leadership behaviors and capabilities leads to improved organizational results. When leaders change, cultures change, engagement change, and the results change.

Why Stop At Nothing? Our Experience and Proven Impact

Drawing on nearly 30-years of experience facilitating organizational transformation,  culture change, and leadership development, Stop At Nothing helps individuals, teams  and organizations become more effective and achieve long-lasting positive business results and impact. We start with leadership and extend to the rest of the organization. Successful organizations care about their employees. Successful organizations are resilient and agile. Leaders and managers drive the sense of caring, community, spirit, resilience  and agility inside an organization. To improve your organization’s chances of success, develop your leaders.

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Scott Westerman

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