Peak Performance Seminar

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The PEAK Performance Seminar: Self-Leadership & Personal Responsibility

The PEAK Performance Seminar is delivered within companies to various levels of executives, managers and employees, with a focus is on self-leadership, becoming a team player, and making goal-oriented contributions to the organization.  PEAK is customized around your organization’s industry, mission, and behavioral values.  We can deliver the seminar onsite or off, anywhere in the world.  Each seminar accommodates up to 25 participants who may be drawn from in-tact teams/departments or among unrelated areas of the organization. 

About the Seminar:

PEAK brings all employees on board to foster supportive, non-competitive behaviors that dramatically increase:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Acceptance of change
  • Self-confidence
  • Employee job satisfaction

Participants come away with the vision of an ideal life and career, and the insights to drive those visions into reality.

The result is vastly increased employee satisfaction, which has an overwhelming impact on customer and shareholder satisfaction.  Companies achieve further results from employees by continuing the professional development process with our Peak Performance-2 Seminar (PEAK-2). This further drives the behavioral changes required at all levels of the organization to help companies achieve their strategic goals and visions.

For clients who want to deliver this program on a large scale, we offer the Peak Performance Train-The-Trainer program, in which we train your facilitators to teach the program.

For more information about this or any of our other programs and services, please contact us.

Our team is more cohesive, more open to feedback and more confident. I believe that the significant, measurable improvements in financial and operational performance that we’ve enjoyed are directly related to what we’ve learned as a result of our relationship with Stop At Nothing.

Scott Westerman

Associate VP for Alumni Relations / Executive Director
Michigan State Alumni Association