REAL Coaching

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REAL Coaching is a two-day, interactive and experiential program intended to teach managers and leaders how to have healthy, effective coaching conversations that preserve and build trusting relationships, and to incorporate those skills into a coaching process designed to improve overall team and individual performance.

Effective performance coaching has four primary components:

  1. Maintaining our awareness of personal attitudes and behaviors of ourselves and of those we coach.
  2. Understanding the fundamentals of coaching conversations - how to "be" in the conversation and tactical skills for entering and maintaining a healthy dialogue.
  3. Using the key skills of listening and questioning.
  4. Following a structured coaching process within which to use the dialoguing skills learned and to ensure a plan is created for follow through on mutual commitments.

Our intention is to help the client:

  • Be real, feeling confident and grounded in oneself when engaging in a potentially triggering conversation with another.
  • To be able to Do so in a compassionate, respectful, way that maintains integrity, recognizes and honors the needs of the other, in order to . . . 
  • Have a healthy relationship and an effective outcome that is win-win and fully understood by each participant.

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The Stop At Nothing experience allows for an unparalleled level of honesty and understanding among colleagues, which empowers team performance.

Zoran Novakovic

Vice President and General Manager
Subsidiary of Fortune 100 Financial Services Company