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Find and Follow Your Frog

In these highly communicative times, we all get bombarded with links to amusing, emotive, sometimes silly, and occasionally offensive videos promoting a message. While the “return on investment” spent looking at some of this is questionable, I usually encounter one or two a year worth sharing with others.

My favorite last year was created by the Rainforest Alliance and entitled, “Follow the Frog.”

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The Importance of Purpose

Many of you that have been through a Stop At Nothing program or session will remember discussions about the importance of having a personal sense of purpose in life.  Purpose, a feeling that we’re making a difference in the world, is a huge motivator.  In fact, we list it as one of the five key ingredients of success.

I recently came across this very engaging video, based on a talk by Daniel Pink, that explains the results of an MIT research study on this subject.  It is well worth the 10 minutes it takes to watch and listen!

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Jim Young

Chief Operating Officer
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