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“Why Is It So Hard For Us To Make A Decision?!”

“And stick with them?” is a common complaint of many leadership teams since effectively making and successfully executing important business decisions is critical.  Ted Powell, Stop At Nothing managing partner, shares a simple and powerful tool to improve the process and increase buy-in.

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Working with a Jerk

How can you more effectively work with a jerk, someone who is consistently difficult and pushes your buttons?  Working with difficult people is an emotional intelligence skill set required to excel as a leader.  Barry Robertson, co-founder and managing partner, shares his tips on how to successfully transform the relationship with a challenging boss or colleague. 

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Effective Leadership: The Power of Choice

Each choice we make, however small, impacts our path through life. Some decisions are cut-and-dry, but many are complex and have big implications. Do we take time to fully grasp the more strategic ramifications of each decision? Too often, we make expedient decisions to fix the immediate issue facing us, but don’t “stop, reflect and choose,” assessing longer-term impacts and thinking through a better response.

In our recent blog, co-founder and managing partner Susan Robertson explores the value of being mindful, taking a few seconds to reflect and consciously choose a course of action. She also offer tips you can take to rewire your brain to naturally “respond” rather than “react.”

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The Deceptive Bliss of Ignorant Leadership

As a leader, you have leverage.  Your actions have consequences.  If you are unaware of the motivations behind your actions, you may find it difficult to adapt your behavior to motivate others to achieve better outcomes. These unconscious drivers are in control if you ignore them. This makes you a less effective leader, of yourself, and others.  

In this article, Stop At Nothing Managing Partner Ted Powell, Jr. shares his perspective on the power of self-awareness as a foundational leadership building block.

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Five Key Elements of Human Leadership

By Barry and Susan Robertson

People often ask us, “What is the difference between an average leader and a great leader?” As we reflect on the many leaders we have interacted with over twenty-two years of business, a key quality that comes to mind is simply being human.

Of course, a great leader needs to be competent in business skills, such as strategic planning or managing business processes; but to transform into a leader who inspires optimal performance involves emotional intelligence, and the ability to connect with your employees and colleagues at all levels.  We call this Human Leadership.

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Howard Halle

Executive Vice President
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