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Merit-Based Cultures Drive High Performance

Merit-Based Culture

Learn how to create a high performance culture using Stop At Nothing's Trust and Performance Triangle tool. Co-founder Barry Robertson provides a 3-pointed approach that will help leaders more effectively distribute power, clarify responsibilities, and apply accountability -- year round, with no-surprises.

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How Successful Executives Master Performance Reviews

Learn how to embrace the art of the performance review process.  Jon Patton, Stop At Nothing managing partner, relays a transforming experience with an influential and successful boss, which helped him reframe the art of the review into a gift and a key lever to drive talent development and inspire employee performance.

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“Why Is It So Hard For Us To Make A Decision?!”

“And stick with them?” is a common complaint of many leadership teams since effectively making and successfully executing important business decisions is critical.  Ted Powell, Stop At Nothing managing partner, shares a simple and powerful tool to improve the process and increase buy-in.

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Working with a Jerk

How can you more effectively work with a jerk, someone who is consistently difficult and pushes your buttons?  Working with difficult people is an emotional intelligence skill set required to excel as a leader.  Barry Robertson, co-founder and managing partner, shares his tips on how to successfully transform the relationship with a challenging boss or colleague. 

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Workplace Teams. It’s hardly the Game of Thrones.

Have you felt that you don’t have enough time for team-building activitiesdevelopment?  YYet you realize your team could operate more effectively, by eliminating uncoordinated behavior and inter-unit competition, even if the culture doesn’t approach the toxic levels of Game of Thrones slashing and burning. 

In this article, managing partner Jon Patton shares why some methods don’t work and outlines a productive way to get at the real issues and advance your business.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t grow a team without growing as individuals. The High Impact Leadership Seminar plays an important role in this.

J. Grover Thomas, Jr.

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