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Transforming Toxic Cultures

Have you ever dealt with a toxic work culture or toxic people, and seen how destructive it can be to morale and productivity? Most of us have, more than once in our careers. 

Kevin Haas, Managing Partner, sat down recently with one of our clients who transformed a toxic culture into a high-performing organization, improving her company’s bottom line by 10x in just a few years.

Read how she did it. 

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Clash of Cultures - Leading Millennials

Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are still wrestling with the “how to manage Millennials” question a decade after Millennials started entering the workforce.  Stop At Nothing’s co-founder, Barry Robertson, distilled his deep experience working with Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials into a post that explains why Millennials adhere to their values so strongly, and tells you what leaders of Millennials can do to unleash the huge energy and drive this generation has to offer.

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Culture Creation and Destruction

By Barry and Susan Robertson

An organization’s culture is not about words at all. It’s about behavior – and consequences.
- Jack and Suzy Welch

"Culture" is difficult to define, and yet every organization and team has a culture.  The culture of an organization defines what the organization stands for and the values it strives to achieve.  Leaders are charged with creating and fostering a healthy culture, or changing an unhealthy one.

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Investing In Your People

By Barry and Susan Robertson

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to invest in your people and teams, and when not to. While most leaders know that organizational success depends on the productivity of people, team and people development is often cut during times when it is needed the most—tough economic times. Leaders can succumb to fear as easily as their employees.

During times of economic uncertainty, fear and stress ramp up. Performance is hindered when people are stuck in fear and the accompanying survival mode. Unless action is taken to address this, productivity and profits will contract.

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The Stop At Nothing experience allows for an unparalleled level of honesty and understanding among colleagues, which empowers team performance.

Zoran Novakovic

Vice President and General Manager
Subsidiary of Fortune 100 Financial Services Company