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“Why Is It So Hard For Us To Make A Decision?!”

“And stick with them?” is a common complaint of many leadership teams since effectively making and successfully executing important business decisions is critical.  Ted Powell, Stop At Nothing managing partner, shares a simple and powerful tool to improve the process and increase buy-in.

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Working with a Jerk

How can you more effectively work with a jerk, someone who is consistently difficult and pushes your buttons?  Working with difficult people is an emotional intelligence skill set required to excel as a leader.  Barry Robertson, co-founder and managing partner, shares his tips on how to successfully transform the relationship with a challenging boss or colleague. 

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Workplace Teams. It’s hardly the Game of Thrones.

Have you felt that you don’t have enough time for team-building activitiesdevelopment?  YYet you realize your team could operate more effectively, by eliminating uncoordinated behavior and inter-unit competition, even if the culture doesn’t approach the toxic levels of Game of Thrones slashing and burning. 

In this article, managing partner Jon Patton shares why some methods don’t work and outlines a productive way to get at the real issues and advance your business.

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Transforming Toxic Cultures

Have you ever dealt with a toxic work culture or toxic people, and seen how destructive it can be to morale and productivity? Most of us have, more than once in our careers. 

Kevin Haas, Managing Partner, sat down recently with one of our clients who transformed a toxic culture into a high-performing organization, improving her company’s bottom line by 10x in just a few years.

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Clash of Cultures - Leading Millennials

Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are still wrestling with the “how to manage Millennials” question a decade after Millennials started entering the workforce.  Stop At Nothing’s co-founder, Barry Robertson, distilled his deep experience working with Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials into a post that explains why Millennials adhere to their values so strongly, and tells you what leaders of Millennials can do to unleash the huge energy and drive this generation has to offer.

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Peak Performance is the most impactful seminar I have experienced to transform people’s lives in three days. Employees and colleagues who have participated in this seminar have seen astounding results in their personal and professional lives.

José Camarena

Chief Agency Officer
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