Breaking Down Silos: A Guide for Collaborating Effectively

Learn how to break down silos within your organization using a four-step process for collaboration.   Susan Robertson takes you through a case study of a large matrixed organization, and shows how a regional team was able to make positive changes with concrete results for their customers and their national organization.  Start where you are:  you don’t need to wait for the “powers that be” or senior management.  

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Merit-Based Cultures Drive High Performance

Merit-Based Culture

Learn how to create a high performance culture using Stop At Nothing's Trust and Performance Triangle tool. Co-founder Barry Robertson provides a 3-pointed approach that will help leaders more effectively distribute power, clarify responsibilities, and apply accountability -- year round, with no-surprises.

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The Emotional Intelligence of Leadership

Learn how to grow your emotional awareness to improve your leadership.  Senior Consultant Cecilia Calderon shares her experience with a client using the “Pause and Awareness” tool, which enables leaders to understand drivers underneath emotions and behaviors that may triggered during work situations. 

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#Hashtag Your New Year’s Resolution

Many of us make resolutions at the start of a new year, but very few of us met those goals.  We have created a short, 10-minute meditation and outline some easy to implement steps to help you achieve your resolutions.

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Change Leadership Behaviors, Change Results

Effective leadership is the cornerstone for building a high performing organization. To improve organizational results, leaders need to become more innovative, more agile, and drive deeper levels of engagement.

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Honest and direct feedback is at the core of your team development work, and your facilitators neutralize the common defenses that can derail these experiences. Your exceptionally facilitated sessions take team members to a level of trust and cohesion within a period of three days. The normal progression takes years!

Jim Young

Chief Operating Officer
Crown Castle International