The Emotional Intelligence of Leadership

Learn how to grow your emotional awareness to improve your leadership.  Senior Consultant Cecilia Calderon shares her experience with a client using the “Pause and Awareness” tool, which enables leaders to understand drivers underneath emotions and behaviors that may triggered during work situations. 

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#Hashtag Your New Year’s Resolution

Many of us make resolutions at the start of a new year, but very few of us met those goals.  We have created a short, 10-minute meditation and outline some easy to implement steps to help you achieve your resolutions.

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Change Leadership Behaviors, Change Results

Effective leadership is the cornerstone for building a high performing organization. To improve organizational results, leaders need to become more innovative, more agile, and drive deeper levels of engagement.

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How Successful Executives Master Performance Reviews

Learn how to embrace the art of the performance review process.  Jon Patton, Stop At Nothing managing partner, relays a transforming experience with an influential and successful boss, which helped him reframe the art of the review into a gift and a key lever to drive talent development and inspire employee performance.

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“Why Is It So Hard For Us To Make A Decision?!”

“And stick with them?” is a common complaint of many leadership teams since effectively making and successfully executing important business decisions is critical.  Ted Powell, Stop At Nothing managing partner, shares a simple and powerful tool to improve the process and increase buy-in.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t grow a team without growing as individuals. The High Impact Leadership Seminar plays an important role in this.

J. Grover Thomas, Jr.

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