How Successful Executives Master Performance Reviews

Learn how to embrace the art of the performance review process.  Jon Patton, Stop At Nothing managing partner, relays a transforming experience with an influential and successful boss, which helped him reframe the art of the review into a gift and a key lever to drive talent development and inspire employee performance.

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“Why Is It So Hard For Us To Make A Decision?!”

“And stick with them?” is a common complaint of many leadership teams since effectively making and successfully executing important business decisions is critical.  Ted Powell, Stop At Nothing managing partner, shares a simple and powerful tool to improve the process and increase buy-in.

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Working with a Jerk

How can you more effectively work with a jerk, someone who is consistently difficult and pushes your buttons?  Working with difficult people is an emotional intelligence skill set required to excel as a leader.  Barry Robertson, co-founder and managing partner, shares his tips on how to successfully transform the relationship with a challenging boss or colleague. 

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Three Simple Steps to Feed Your Soul

Most of us want to exceed and excel in our careers and often we give the job “our all” in our drive for success.  Sometimes we go too far and deplete ourselves, at our very core, robbing our inner being and forget that we are in control of this process.  Is there a way be a high performer, while taking steps at work that will to tend to our inner selves?

Managing partner, Kevin Haas, shares the impact of giving ourselves away too much with three easy steps to refill your inner self at work, that will not only “feed your soul” but provide positive impact with those you interact.

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Effective Leadership: The Power of Choice

Each choice we make, however small, impacts our path through life. Some decisions are cut-and-dry, but many are complex and have big implications. Do we take time to fully grasp the more strategic ramifications of each decision? Too often, we make expedient decisions to fix the immediate issue facing us, but don’t “stop, reflect and choose,” assessing longer-term impacts and thinking through a better response.

In our recent blog, co-founder and managing partner Susan Robertson explores the value of being mindful, taking a few seconds to reflect and consciously choose a course of action. She also offer tips you can take to rewire your brain to naturally “respond” rather than “react.”

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