The Deceptive Bliss of Ignorant Leadership

As a leader, you have leverage.  Your actions have consequences.  If you are unaware of the motivations behind your actions, you may find it difficult to adapt your behavior to motivate others to achieve better outcomes. These unconscious drivers are in control if you ignore them. This makes you a less effective leader, of yourself, and others.  In this article, Stop At Nothing Managing Partner Ted Powell, Jr. shares his perspective on the power of self-awareness as a foundational leadership building block.

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Transforming Toxic Cultures

Have you ever dealt with a toxic work culture or toxic people, and seen how destructive it can be to morale and productivity? Most of us have, more than once in our careers. 

Kevin Haas, Managing Partner, sat down recently with one of our clients who transformed a toxic culture into a high-performing organization, improving her company’s bottom line by 10x in just a few years.

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Clash of Cultures - Leading Millennials

Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are still wrestling with the “how to manage Millennials” question a decade after Millennials started entering the workforce.  Stop At Nothing’s co-founder, Barry Robertson, distilled his deep experience working with Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials into a post that explains why Millennials adhere to their values so strongly, and tells you what leaders of Millennials can do to unleash the huge energy and drive this generation has to offer.

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Five Behaviors that Derail Executive Careers

We are excited to report that Stop At Nothing’s Susan Robertson was featured in a recent Forbes article, in which she detailed the five leadership mindset and behavior patterns that most often hinder, or even completely derail, the careers of promising executives.

We encourage you to examine for yourself these derailing mindsets, and assess whether you may have elements of these mindsets reflected in your own leadership style.  

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Avoid Negative Thinking:  TEDx Talk with E-Guide for Leaders and Teams

Last October, one of our partners, Ted Powell, delivered a TEDxJacksonville talk on the forces and perils of negative thinking in today’s rapidly changing world. Some of you have may have seen the speech. A number of clients have shared that the message “refreshed” the self-awareness discoveries they gained by attending our leadership development programs, such as the High Impact Leadership Series and Peak Performance Seminars.

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The Leadership Continuum (TLC) helped me to define my true purpose and path in life. It cemented what is important to me and put perspective into my whole life. I learned that true leadership only really comes from within. TLC helped me find this strength and unleash it!

Mandy Flint

CEO and Founder
Excellence in Leadership